Menu Reference (Kashmir)

Menu Reference (KashBird)
256 Color Q&A
360 Degree Camera Camera Selection
AVI  Creating Movie Output
Album  Album
Alpha Blending Detail of Scenery / Mapping
Ambient Detail of Scenery / Effect
Antialias  Film Setting Mapping
Appearance Altitude Calculation Formula
Aspect  Map Viewer Setting
BMP Graphic  Save as BMP
BSD  Setup File
Bank Camera Setup
Bitmap with Sequence Number Movie Output
Bitmap  Bitmap
Bump Mapping Detail of Scenery / Ground
CHsystem  Introduction Terrain / Map Data CHsystem Model
Cache  About Cache
Calculation Region Map Viewer Setting
Camera Altitude  Camera Position
Camera  Camera Selection
Chishima-Rettou islands CHsystem Model
Cliff Detail of Scenery / Ground
Cloud  Detail of Scenery / Sky Detail of Scenery / Cloud
Combining Setup File
Compressing Map Data Compressing Map Data Q&A
Compression Elevation Data GPS Navigation
Compression Compressing Map Data
Control Panel Creating CG
Corona Detail of Scenery / Sun
Counter  Map Viewer Setting
Cross Section About Cross Section with Mouse
Data Depot Data Depot
DATUM Conversion Functional Description About Geodetic Datum Supported Data
DCM  Compressing Map Data
DHM25  Digital Height Model of Switzerland
DirectX Preview Setup
DXF Format  DXF Format Output
Dialog Bar  Basic Operation
Digital Map  Functional Description Digital Map from Geographic Survey Institute Q&A Characteristics of Visible Area Map
Distance  Creating CG Other Setups
DmapWin  Supported Data
Download Download / Upload from / to GARMIN
Drag and Drop Detail of Link
EVM Format Special Map Data
Expansion /Compression of Time Adjusting Frame
Extension Detail of Link
FYAMAP  Terrain / Map Data Acknowledgment
Field of View  Lens Setup
Film  Film Setting
Find Find Function
Focus Control  Creating CG Focus
Focus Depth Focus
Focus  Camera Setup Focus
Focus  Focus
Fog Detail of Scenery / Sky
Font  Icon Settings Map Viewer Setting Place Name / GPS Setting
Frame Rate Adjusting Frame
Frame Register Frame
Free Digital Map Terrain / Map Data Free Digital Map Q&A
Full Color Map Viewer Setting
GARMIN  GPS Navigation
GPS Data Open Place Name Edit Place Name GPS Data Map Viewer Setting About Cross Section Place Name /GPS Setting
GPS Editor  Edit GPS Data
GPS Equipment Functional Description Write-out of GPS Data
GPS Navigation GPS Navigation
GTOPO30  USGS Map Data
Geodetic Datum  About Geodetic Datum Open Place Name
Geographic Survey Institute Japan Digital Map of Geographic Survey Institute Japan
Glow Detail of Scenery / Effect
Gradation Pattern Detail of Scenery /Sun Detail of Scenery / Effect
Gradation Detail of Scenery / Ground
Grayscale  Grayscale
Grid Interpolation Calculation Formula
Ground Detail of Scenery / Ground
Guide Window  Basic Operation Scrolling Map
HTML  Hyper-Map Function
Height Emphasis Camera Setup
Highland Detail of Scenery / Ground
Hubeny's distance calculation Calculation Formula
Hyper-Map Functional Description
Icon Icon Settings Detail of Link Q&A
Increasing Performance Q&A
Installation Installation
Internet Explorer  Introduction
Invisible Place Name  Place Name / GPS Setup Characteristics of Visible Area Map
Jump Scrolling Map Mark and Jump
KashBird Setup  Setup File
KashBird  Open KashBird Calculation Specification of the KashBird
Key Frame  Creating Movie Register Frame
LAK  Lake Data
LML  How to Link
Lake Data Lake Data
Lake  Detail of Scenery / Lake
Lat / Long Lines Map Viewer Setting
Layer  Open Place Name Place Name / GPS Setting Creating Movie Using Layer
Layout Bar Basic Operation Map Viewer Window
Lens Flare  Detail of Scenery / Effect
Lens Lens Setup
Light Scenery Setup
Link How to Link
Link Detail of Link
Low Land  Detail of Scenery / Ground
MAT Format MAT Format Detail of Scenery / Mapping
Magellan  GPS Navigation
Map Data Terrain / Map Data
Map Graphic  GPS Navigation
Mapping Detail Scenery / Ground Mapping Setup File Mapping Setup Setup Mapping Position
Mark  Mark and Jump
Material Detail Scenery / Ground Material Editor
Measurement Function About Measurement
Memory  About Cache Q&A
Mesh File Creating Mesh File
Mesh Interpolation Calculation Formula
Mist Detail of Scenery / Sky
Mouse Alt / Dist Other Setups
Movie Maker  Let's try to create a Movie.
Movie  Functional Description Creating Movie
Mt. Daisetsuz  CHsystem Model
Mt. Hiuchigatake CHsystem Model
Mt. Hotakadake CHsystem Model
Mt. Komagatake (Hokkaido) CHsystem Model
Mt. Tokachidake  CHsystem Model
Mt. Yakedake  CHsystem Model
Multiple Bitmaps Bitmap
NDB  Place Name Data Open Place Name
NMEA  GPS Navigation
Navigation Functional Description GPS Navigation
Near Ray-tracing Camera Selection
Netscape Introduction
Off Screen  Detail Scenery / Effect
Overlay of Elevation Data MAT Format
PCX Format  Functional Description
POT File  Supported Data
Palette File Map Viewer Setting
Panorama Picture Panorama Function / Creating Panorama Picture
Panoramic Camera  Panorama Function /Creating Panorama Picture Camera Selection
Partial Ray-Tracing Creating CG
Performance Q&A
Pick Up Place Name / GPS Setting
Place Name Data Place Name Data Place Name / GPS Setup
Place Name Filter Other Setups
Popup Basic Operation Map Viewer Setting
Preview Preview Setup
Print Print
Printer  Print
Quick Profile Panorama Function / Check Visibility between two Points
QuickTime  Creating Movie Movie Output
Railway Creating Movie Movie Output
RIMINI  Digital Height Model of Switzerland
RTE FIle Supported Data
Ray-tracing Camera Selection
Real Time Preview  Other Setups
Refraction  Terrain / Map Data
Region of Photograph  Camera Setup
Relief Map Viewer Setting
Rendering Camera Selection
Representation  Camera Selection
Resource  Setup File
Right Mouse Button Click Basic Operation
Ring  Detail of Scenery / Effect
Road Detail of Scenery / Effect
Round Camera Camera Selection
Round Surface of the Earth  Functional Description
Route Data  Edit GPS Data
Ruler  Creating CG
SONY  GPS Navigation
Satellite Picture Detail of Scenery / Mapping
Scale MAT Format
Scaling About Scaling
Scenery CG Functional Description Creating CG
Scenery  Scenery Setup
Scroll  Scrolling Map
Sea Detail of Scenery / Sea
Secondary Detail of Scenery / Effect
Send to Clipboard Send to Clipboard
Shadow of Cloud Camera Selection
Shadow Camera Selection Detail of Scenery / Sun
Size Camera Setup
Sky Detail of Scenery / Sky
Snow Detail of Scenery / Ground
Star  Detail of Scenery / Effect
State Border Map Viewer Setting
Status Bar  Basic Operation Creating CG
Sun  Detail of Scenery / Sun
Swiss Federal Office of Topography Digital Height Model of Switzerland
TRK Data Supported Data
Take Creating CG
Terrain Element  Detail of Scenery / Ground
Terrain  Map Viewer Setting
Texture Mapping  Detail of Scenery / Ground
Time Chart  Register Frame
Tool Bar Basic Operation Map Viewer Setting
Track Data  Functional Description Supported Data Edit GPS Data GPS Navigation
Transparency Add new Lake
Transparent Color Q&A
USGS 1-degree DEM Terrain / Map Data USGS Map Data
USGS GTOP30  Terrain / Map Data USGS Map Data Q&A
Upload Download / Upload from / to GARMIN
VAM Calculating Visible Area Map (1)
Viewer Setting  Map Viewer Setting
Visibility  Panorama Function / Check Visibility between two Points
Visible Area Map Introduction Map Viewer Setting Panorama Function / Creating Visible Area Map Panorama Function / Using Visible Area Data Detail of Scenery / Mapping Characteristics of Visible Area Map
Visible Area Map Viewer Setting
Visible Mountains List of Visible Mountains
WGS-84  About Geodetic Datum
WPT File Supported Data
Wave  Detail of Scenery / Lake
Waypoint  Functional Description Supported Data Edit GPS Data GPs Navigation
Waypoint+ Supported Data
Window Basic Operation Map Viewer Window
Yamaotaku  Free Digital Map Open Place Name
Z Buffer Camera Selection
Zoom Zooming Map