1.10 Compressing Map Data

Maps can be compressed and saved on the HD for mobile PC or notebook PC. The area to be compressed may be the complete map or a part of it.

Additionally there is an advantage when you compress such as digital pam of a CD-ROM format onto the HD so that the speed of the displaying speed will be dramatically accelerated. It is better than that you save the digital map simply onto your HD. By the compression redundant data are cut off and the format is optimized for the fast displaying by the Kashmir.

Combining the separated CD-ROM (50m grid digital Map) are also possible. This saves time for exchanging the CD-ROM. This function enables also the seamless border between the two CD-ROM.

A map in the mesh file (.MSH) format will be larger by this compression. Bitmap file cannot be compressed.

Please follow the next steps for the compression.

(1) Read a map to be compressed.

Read the map to be compressed into the Kashmir.
Only height data are compressed for a MAT format file.
It is not required to open the map for compressing the digital map 50 mesh elevation CDROM from Japan GSI.
(2) Select a region to be compressed.
Select [File] - [Compress Digital Map].
Then a setup dialog will come up.


On the first page select whether all map, part of region, or 50m CD-ROM should be compressed. When you select the region click the [Select] button and define the top left and bottom right of the region on the map with the left mouse button on the second page. Do not do any other operation during the selection of the region.
The region can also be defined with latitude and longitude.
The region being selected will be larger than being defined since the compression is done in block manner.

When the digital map CD-ROM Japan I, Japan II and Japan III should be compressed together select the fourth radio button Composite [Japan Digital Map 50m Mash]. Use this option also for one CD-ROM.

To add the new Japanese digital map CD-ROM 50m mesh to the present compressed map, select the fifth option. It is required that the map being added has to be already compressed by the fourth or fifth option.

[File Name]
This is a file name being created that extension will be .DCM.

The compressed map can be managed as just like as a normal map.
Depending the original size of the map several ten Meg or several hundred Meg bytes space may be necessary.

[Register Jump Menu]
You can register the compressed map to the jump menu. This enables you to switch the map you want.
Please enter the title of the map in [Comment].

If you compress all digital map CD-ROM in 50m grid the result will be 190 Mbytes size.
For the compression it will take about 30 minutes.
If you select [Compose All Japan (CD-ROM)] it will take double of times and 1.5 times of the space. For the combination of the Japan II and the Japan III it will be the size of about 330 Mbytes.

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