11.6 Creating CG

After specifying camera azimuth and camera position start creating the CD

(1) Setup Distance

At first the distance should be setup. The distance means how far in [km] is the landscape from the camera which is taken. Specify a small distance if you do not need since It takes much time to render the CG. On the other hand for the visibility check it requires a long distance and take a long distance.
Specify the distance by the [Dist.] slider on the control bar or select [Setup] - [Camera] and enter the value in the Maximum Dist[km].
Normally 10 .. 20 km for the digital map with 50m grid and 100 .. 200 km for the digital map with 250m grid are enough.

(2) Check by [Preview]

Depending on your machine and settings it will take much time to create CG. It is recommended to check the camera setup at first then create the CG.
The preview can be done by the [PREV] switch on the control panel.
In case of preview the ground is drawn roughly and no place name is displayed.

(3) Create CG

Now create the CG. Click the [Take] on the control bar or select [Render] - [Render] in the menu.
When the status bar shows 100% the creating the CG is over.
If you break the rendering click the [Stop] on the status bar or select [Render] - [Stop].

(4) Partial Ray-Tracing

For Ray-tracing only one part of the frame can be rendered.
If you drag on the map a rubber band comes up. Select region for the rendering. After selecting the region the rendering will be started.

How do you like the picture taken?
If you don't like it please try again with cut and try in the following way in the next chapters.

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