11.7 Camera Setup

The camera can be setup in detail by selecting [Setup] - [Camera Setup] or click [Detail].
Setups here are mainly for camera angle or functions. There is another basic setup for the camera. Please refer to Here about this.

- Camera Azimuth and Tilt

Camera azimuth and tilt can be set up. The resolution is 0.1 deg or higher. The azimuth can be adjusted also by the compass directly. The tilt can also be adjusted by the slider.

- Enable Focus

This enables focus effect of the camera. Refer to Here for detail.

- Screen Size

The size of the CG can be specified with pixel size.
If the picture is larger than the PC screen uncheck [Related Screen Size] in the  [Film Size] and enter the required size in the Film Size.

- Film Size

Specify this when the picture is larger than the screen size. This can be activated by unchecking [Related Screen Size].

- Bank

Bank of the camera can be specified. A minus value is for left banking and plus for right banking.

- Height Emphasis

When the mountains have to look steeper this value has to be larger than 1. About 1.2 is recommended for best reality.

- Region of Photograph

Area to be photographed is described in [km]. If the Maximum Dist is small the rendering area becomes also small and the rendering becomes quickly. If you need to render for far distance this value must be large. Set 0.001km as the [Minimum Dist] normally.

The minimum distance is normally ignored. To make it valid check [Enable Minimum Dist].

- Render Back Side

This enables rendering back side of the ground surface. Even from the underground the scene from the back side of the ground can be rendered but it reduces the rendering speed.
If you find some pin holes on the ground please uncheck this option.

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