11.8 Lens Setup

The KashBird has many kind of object lenses from short one to long one as default. Normally it is enough to select one of these default objects. You can define your own object lens which is not defined as default.

There are following ways to  select and setup the lens.

(a) Select by Control Bar
Click lens switch in the middle of the control bar.

If the control bar is not completely visible drag the control bar and scroll it.

(b) Select by [Setup] - [Camera]
Click [Lens] switch in the dialog.

Select a lens in the list.
For panorama a wide lens about 16 mm focal length is recommended. For normal CG 85 .. 50 mm lens is useful. Extra wide lens such as 1 mm is not recommended for panorama.

For further setup and make a custom camera click [Detail>>] button.

There are following functions as detail option of the lens.

(1) Lens

Create a new lens by specifying focal length. Framing and Zoom is relating on this setup.

(2) Zoom

Focal length can be set up by slider.
The maximum length by the slider is 500 mm. For further length please set up by [Lens].

(3) Field of View

The field of view can be specified directly.
The unit of the angle is degree.

(4) Register / Delete / Edit Comment

The setup can be registered / deleted into / from the list on the left side. Please specify the name of the setting. If you write description for the setting please select the Edit Comment.

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