11.9 Film Setup

The KashBird has three different films as default.
SD (standard) film is enough for a normal picture. If you want higher quality picture select HG or SG high quality film. It takes much more time for rendering if you select such high quality films.

There are following ways to select or setup film.

(a) Select by Control Panel
Click film switch located under the lens switch in the middle of the control bar.

If the control bar is not completely visible drag the control bar and scroll it.

(b) Select by [Setup] - [Camera]
Click [Film] switch in the dialog.

Select a film in the list on the left side.

  For further detail setups click [Detail>>] button.

In the film setup antialiasing can also be set up.

(1) Antialiasing

[None] disables this effect.

[Low Quality] enables a week antialiasing which reduces edge discontinuity.

[High Quality] enables antialiasing which enables a quality of real picture. It takes much time for rendering with this option.

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