11.9 Scenery Setup

The KashBird has a capability to specify the scenery parameters in detail.
In the scenery setup you only have to select a your favorite setup from the list and can create CG without complex settings. For further detail setups better CG can be created.

There are following ways to select or setup scenery.

(a) Setup by Control Panel
Click the long switch on the bottom right of the control bar.

If the control bar is not completely visible drag the control bar and scroll it.

(b) Setup by [Setup]-[Camera]
Click [Scenery] switch in the dialog.

Select a scene from the list.

For further detail setups click [Detail>>] button.

There are several pages for the scenery setups. Each page is described in the following chapters separately. The first page ({Basic] page) is described in this chapter.

(1) Scene Type

Here you can specify collaring of the scene.

This is the simplest coloring with flat shading and height color. Polygons can be recognized easily. This option is the fastest to render but there are some unusable options such as cloud and sea.

This is simple coloring with smooth shading and height color. This option is fast but there are some unusable options such as sea.

- Normal

This is for normal use. If you use maximum functionality select this option.

(2) Quick Options

Some items often used are collected. These enable a small change without changing detail scenery options. For detail parameter settings refer to the following chapters

(3) Scenery Quick Change

This provides an easy automatic change of scenery for beginners.

(4) Light Quick Change

This provides an easy automatic change of light for beginners. The setting here is a simplified one and does not correspond to the real setting of the light. If you need the real setting of the light select [Sun] and setup it by [Sun Direction].

(5) Register / Delete / Edit Comment

The setup items can be registered / deleted to / from the list on the left side. Please enter the title. If you write description select Edit Comment. It is recommended to use different name from the default one, if you change the settings. If you use the same name as one of the default, it will be overwritten by an update.

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