11.12 Focus

The KashBird is equipped with focus functions just like a real camera.
When the focus is disabled entire landscape is focused on.

The focus setup is done by the "Focus Bar" on the left side of the KashBird or by selecting [Setup] - [camera].

(1) Enable / Disable Focus Function

To enable the focus function click [A/M] button and activate [MF] display. [MF] is the abbreviation of "Manual Focus".
To disable the focus function activate [AF].
To activate the focus function by selecting [Setup] - [Camera] check [Enable Focus] check box.

It takes much time for rendering with enabled focus function. Please disable it when not necessary.

(2) Focus Distance

The distance from the camera to the point to be focused on can be specified.
This can be either by the slider of the focus bar or by the [Focus Distance] in [Setup] - [camera].

Another way to set up is to drag the cross mark on the focus bar onto the place where to be focused on. To cancel it move the slider on the focus bar.

(3) Focus Depth

specifies the depth to be focused on. With a large value wide area can be focused on and the focus effect is reduced.

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