11.11 Place Name / GPS Setting

KashBird has a capability to display place name according to the place name data base.
Also track data and waypoint data can be displayed according to the GPS data base.

(1) Setup of Place Name

This can be set up either by clicking on the guidepost icon on the control panel or by selecting [Setup] - [Place Name].

(a) Visible / Invisible

switches the visibility of the place names.

(b) View Layer

Each place name is allocated on a layer. Higher layer number has higher priority.
All place names are displayed when [All Layer] is selected. When [Over Layer 2] is selected place names on the layer from 2 to 5 are displayed. Layer 5 has minimum number of the names.

(c) Popup Name

Place names are not displayed normally but only when the mouse pointer comes near to the place on the picture it will be displayed. It is useful to edit the picture later for some purposes.

(d) Suppress invisible Place Name

Invisible place names from the camera are not be displayed. According to distance-azimuth formula of Hubeny and of the appearance altitude they are calculated exactly.
It takes  much time for rendering a picture.
If a quick rendering is required please uncheck it.

(e) Name Placement

specify the way for displaying the place name.
[Oblique] and [Vertical] of Left to Right can only be displayed with TrueType Font. If you use other font it may not displayed correctly.

(f) Background Plate

Plate is displayed behind of place name.

(g) Shadow
When the background plate is not displayed, characters of the place name are shown with shadow.

(h) Auto Placement
Place names are allocated automatically, so that every name is visible. The higher the layer level, the higher the priority of the display. If there is no space any more, the displaying is not done.

(i) Select Font

specifies font of place name.

(j) Color

[Background] specifies the color of the plate. [Foreground] specifies the color of the characters.

(2) Operation

After setup of the place name take a picture. Then the place names will be displayed on the picture. You can edit the place names directly using the mouse.

(a) Move

Place name can be moved by a mouse drag. After new exposure the place name will be go back to its original position.

(b) Delete Place name

Place name can be invisible by clicking the mouse on it. To display it again place mouse pointer on the place so that the place name is popped up. Then click it again by the mouse to fix it.
During a popup display place names can be fixed by clicking them.

(c) Other Operations

For other operations click the place name.

[Jump] moves the KashBird to that position.
[Front] brings the place name to the front when the place names are overlapped.
[Back] brings the place name to the back when the place names are ovelapped.
[Delete] deletes the place name and set as a popup display.

(3) Display of GPS

Select [Setup] - [GPS] to open this setup window.

(a) Waypoint

switches the visibility of the waypoint.
[Popup Name],  [Suppers invisible Place Name] functions identically to the place name setup. The display method is also identical to those of the place name.
Display color can be set up by the properties for each waypoint.

(b) Track / Route

switches the visibility of lines of the track data and route data.
If you select [With Ribbon] the line is displayed with certain width.
Display color can be set up by the properties for each track data..

(c) Other Operations

These are identical to those of the place name.

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