11.10.8 Detail of Scenery / Mapping

About setup of mapping is described here.

Differing from the mapping of the ground element the mapping here means an entire mapping on the ground. Mapping of a satellite picture enables a real graphic.
Maximum for different mappings can be set up at the same time. If there are different mappings on the same position these mappings have own priorities. The highest priority is #4 and the lowest is #1. The bump mapping is analogue to this.

(1) Texture Mapping

enables mapping (including bump mapping).
Usable graphics are 256 color BMP and 24 bit BMP format.
Please refer Here for datail of the component editor.

(2) Enable VAM Mapping

enables a mapping of the visible area map on the landscape when the visible area map is displayed.
When you click [Same Map Color] button the visible area will be displayed in the same color as the map viewer of the Kashmir. Click the color button if you want a separate color setting for the KashBird.

(3) Enable Antialiasing for Mapping

This is valid only when the texture mapping is enabled.
This enables a smoothing process for far mapping and the ground surface. It is recommended to enable this option always.

(4) Enable Alpha Blending (Using MAT Map only)

enables mapping of the street for example when you use a map with MAT file which has street information.

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