5.1 Scrolling Map

(1) Drag with Mouse

Put the mouse pointer onto the map and drag it. The mouse pointer will look like a hand and you can scroll the map. It may cause a distorted view but after you release the mouse button the view will be stable again.

(2) Double-Click with Mouse

For a centering in the window please double-click on the map at the point to be centered.

(3) Scroll Bar

The map can also be scrolled by the scroll bars to both of the horizontal and the vertical directions. The small arrow buttons make a slight scrolling. Clicking on the bar results a rather large scrolling. Dragging a bar enables direct scroll positioning.

(4) Arrow Keys

Typing arrow keys results a scrolling to the corresponding direction.

(5) Guide Window

There will appear a small window on the top-right of the window with default. This is called the Guide Window. This window shows the whole area which can be displayed on the map view window with a small frame. Dragging and dropping of the small red frame enables a moving of the view area. When the red frame reaches at the end of the guide window it will be scrolled automatically. It can not be scrolled out of the area of the map.

(6) To the specified mountain or place

If the name of the mountain, place or the coordination values is known direct jump to the place specified by [Jump] - [Go to Place Name] or [Jump] - [Go to Lat/Long] according to the data base is possible. The selected place name or the coordination will be centered on the map view window.

(Map History Plugin) allows to display the history of the scrolling. It is useful for going back to the previous display position.

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