5.2 Zooming Map

The map can be zoomed from 16 times to 1/16 times. Zooming up may cause a granulation since it makes no scaling up.
Zooming down to a too small scale requires much time for displaying. It is recommended to be set between 4 to 1/4.

(1) Click the Button on the Dialog Bar

Dialog Bar (means a bar with different buttons on the right side of the Kashmir window) has a [2X] Button for instance. Clicking this button results a zooming of 2 times. Different buttons for zooming from 4 times to 1/4 times can be used in the same manner.

It works identical to the slide bar in [ZOOM].

(2) Right Mouse Button on the Map

Click the right mouse button on the map. Then a pull-down menu will come up. Select [Scale of View] - [Expand] or [Shrink]. Then a rubber band will come up to the map window.
This rubber band shows an area which will be expanded of shrinked. Click the left mouse button where you want to zoom. If you click the right mouse button during the rubber band is selected you can change the zooming factor.

(3) From Menu

You can zoom the map selecting [View] - [Scale of View] in the menu.

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