5.3 Mark and Jump

You can mark on the map and jump to this point.

(1) Marking

For marking on a place on the map move the mouse pointer there and click the right mouse button and select [Mark]. Then the link property window will come up. Please type in your comment into the [Name].

It is also possible to mark with [Jump] - [Mark Current Position]. In this case the center of the present display is marked.

(2) Jump

The points which have been marked are registered into the [Jump] menu. By selecting a point from the menu you can jump to the marked place.
It is also possible to jump with selecting jump menu by the right mouse button.
[Jump] menu can be edited by [Jump] - [Edit Jump List].

(3) Edit Jump List

The jump list can be edited in a tree structure.
Click the right mouse button on the item, then a menu will come up. You can move items by cut and paste, make a new folder, and make a new jump.
When you move items under a folder make a new folder and click it at first to open then paste them on the folder.
If you pate them without opening the new folder they are pasted parallel to the new folder.

(4) Jump Property

The [property] can be displayed by the right mouse button from the jump list.
Following options are available in this property. These options are valid only for the map icons.

(a) No Move
This option enables switching map without moving the current position.

(b) No change Map
This option enables jumping without switching the map. In default both of map and place are switched.

(4) Switching Map

Registering different scale maps in the jump list allows switching the scale.
To register the map, open the map to be registered then operate (1) to mark it. The property will comes up, in which you check [No Move] and uncheck [No change Map] in the [Option]. Then you can switch the scale at the same position.

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