11.2 Preview (Direct3D) Setup

When the KashBird is started at the first time,  preview setup mask will come up.

Preview is like a finder of a camera to define framing. A beautiful picture can generated after [Taking] a picture. To design the picture as you want, you will need the preview.
Preview starts if the check box of [View] - [Real time Preview] is checked. If you fell that the preview is to slow, uncheck it.

After Ver5.6 the preview function is dramatically upgraded by means of DirectX technology. Place name can also b displayed. This makes it possible that the name of the mountain can even be identified by the preview, when you do not need a beautiful picture.
Please note that the preview provides of only rough scene which could cause an incorrect visibility. For correct displaying of the place names, please check them after [Taking] the picture.

(1) Using DirectX

If the DirectX is installed on your system, real time display is possible. Preview function itself can work without DirectX. DirectX has nothing to do with [Taking] the picture.

DirectX has to be DirectX5 or later version, which is supported by Windows98 in defaultly. WindowsNT supports it from Ver5 or Windows2000.
You can get the DirectX from attachment of a magazine easily.

(2) Preview Setup

Preview setup mask ca be invoked by the first starting up of the KashBird, or [3D] - [Setup preview of KashBird] on the main menu.

Here are detail setups.

(a) Enable/Disable Direct3D

The first page defines whether Direct3D display is used or not.
DirectX function depends on the 3D accelerator on your video card. Video card with a fast 3D accelerator enables a comfortable real time 3D.

When your DirectX does not work correctly, please disable [Direct3D]. Preview can also work without it. Rendering a beautiful picture is also possible without it.

(b) Using Texture

The next page defines whether whether texture is used or not.
Texture requires enough memory capacity on your video card. Even with enough memory, it could cause a problem, if you set your video mode in high resolution (1280x1024) which requires much memory space.

By selecting [Usually using texture] texture is displayed in any case. Visible area map becomes very beautiful, but it requires much memory and detail of the terrain can not be seen exactly.

[As a case using texture] enables displaying texture only for displaying MAT format map.

[Not using texture] disables texture for any cases.

(c)Forcedly Software Emulation

This emulates the DirectX without hardware on the video card.
The CPU load will be heavy. Try it when DirectX does not work on your system.

(d)Not display place name

This disables displaying place names.
When this is unchecked, place name function depends on the option [Setup] - [Place Name].
The CPU load will be heavy by displaying place names. Please disable it if you have problem.

(e)Region of Terrain

Whether the area should be as wide as possible or detail representation of the terrain should be displayed, is defined.

The latter causes much load to the CPU because of the large amount of polygons.

[Related terrain regions and camera distance]  varies display area depends on the distance of the terrain to the camera.

(f)Data Quantity

Higher quantity of data enables displaying wide area, but causes much more CPU load.

If the data are on a CD-ROM please set the quantity smaller (second notch from the left or so), so that is takes less time for reading the data

Slower CPU such as 486 please check [for legacy machine] to reduce the data quantity.

(3)Preview control by Key Board

Preview can be controlled by the key board.
It is very attractive like floating in the space.

[left arrow][right arrow] turning
[up arrow][down arrow] tilting
[Shift]+[up arrow][down arrow] moving forward and backward
[Shift]+[left arrow][rigth arrow] moving left and right
[Ctrl]+[up arrow][down arrow] elevating
[Ctrl]+[left arrow][right arrow] Zooming

Note that the DirectX can work not on all hardware. It is not possible to test all hardware environment by author. There may be problems which can never be solved.

(4)Preview Setup without Direct3D

The preview setup without Direct3D is described.

(a)Related Photograph Distance

Depending on the distance to be taken, it tries to make a preview as real as possible. The terrain representation is more rough when the distance is far from the camera to reduce the memory occupation. When you want to get more detail preview please uncheck this option.

(b)Terrain Detail

It is valid only when [Related Photograph Distance] option is unchecked.
The more detail the more memory space is required.

(c)Terrain Region

It is valid only when [Related Photograph Distance] option is unchecked.
The wider region is selected the more memory space is required.

(5)Pause using Direct3D

This disables Direct3D for a moment.
Select [View] - [Pause using Direct3D].

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