1.8 MAT Format

The MAT format enables you to use an elevation data such as digital map and an image map data such as bitmap at the same time.
That means, you can add the height information to the bitmap. With bitmap you can also use the KashBird and the profile function.

Scaling function among maps in different scales is also possible. To change the scale, it is easier to use the [Jump] menu.

How to overlay the Elevation Data

(1) Creating a Bitmap

At first create a bitmap. About the bitmap please refer to Here.
The bitmap data have to cover only the necessary area. The area of the elevation data has not to be considered.

Open the bitmap by the Kashmir.

(2) Select Menu

Select [Edit] - [Overlay Height Model (Make MAT)] from the Menu.

(3) Select Elevation Data

Specify a file name for the height model. The height model may be a digital map or a grayscale etc.. When you use a digital in CD-ROM click [Use CD-RO]. For a compressed map .DCM file format should be specified.

(4) Select MAT File for Output

Relationship between bitmap and height model is stored in a MAT file. Specify a file name.
If you open the mat file form the next time by selecting [Map] - [Open] menu the overlaid map will be opened.
Pleas enter the comment if you register the map to the jump menu.

(5) Create

Click [Create] Button.
A MAT file will be created and the elevations will be overlaid.

How to write a MAT data

The MAT is a text file. You can create this data with an editor very easily because only combination of the maps are specified in this file.

Example :

<A HREF="50m.DCM" COVER="KOUFU.BMP">Map of Koufu</A>

All you have to do is saving this one line as a file with MAT extension.
In this case a digital map with the name 50m.DCM is used as the elevation data and as a map view data (cover map) the bitmap file KOUFU.BMP is used. When this MAT file is read by the Kashmir the KOUFU.BMP will be displayed. But for a height data or by the KashBird the data of the 50m.DCM are used.
If your digital map is not compressed please select one of any digital map file. For example write 338.mem in the HREF.

For the elevation data and the cover map you can use all kind of maps such as digital map or grayscale.
If you use a bitmap for the cover map you have to define information (coordination) reading by the Kashmir.

Supporting scales for the MAT

You can use the scaling function if you use a MAT file.
Please prepare some maps with different scales. Then create a MAT file as follows.


 <A HREF="1km.DCM">1 : 100000</A>
 <A HREF="250m.DCM">1 : 50000</A>
 <A HREF="50m.DCM">1 : 25000</A>

Then you can already select a scale from the menu.
This function can be used for all kind of maps. Different kind of the map format for each scale is also possible. The area covered by the maps may also change.
When a cover map is defined please add COVER="" in the tag.

There is no conventional restriction that the cover map must correspond to the digital elevation data. You can specify not only a bitmap but also any kind of maps for the cover map.

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