1.7 Bitmap

A self made map with the bitmap graphic format can be read as a map. But a creating a 3D by the KashBird is not possible because the altitude data are not there.
Superimposing the elevation data makes it possible to use the Kashbird and profile function.
Refer to this to know how to superimpose the data.

You can use the bitmap file as a base of a hyper map such like the attached sample menu screen.

(How to use)
Open your file as a bitmap (BMP) by selection [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Bitmap] and your file. Then a Map Information Setup window will come up. If you want to define the exact coordination values please type in each coordination value of the top left and bottom right respectively. It is also possible to display without giving the coordination values.

For comfortable importing of digital map 2500 graphic, get the [Map graphic plugin] from the Kashmir homepage.

Combining Multiple Bitmaps

Multiple bitmaps can be combined like a tile format.

How to Make

(1) Creating a Bitmap

All bitmaps must have same size and must be 256 bitmap format. Palette must be identical.. If the palette is different the color will not be displayed correctly.

(2) Numbering the files

Put numbers into the file names.
The location of the numbers could be anywhere like test000.bmp or t000est.bmp but all numbers must be located the same location. If the locations are different they can not be recognized.
Number of the digit could also be 3 or 2 but must be identical through all files. Put zeros on the right to adjust the number of digit.
The extension must be .bmp.

The number starts from 0 and define further as follows.













(3) Open the first Bitmap

Select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Bitmap] and the first bitmap file.
In case of the example above map0000.bmp is the first one. Do not select other file.

(4) Edit Map Information

A setup window for the map information will come up. Define the coordination value and type the number of the bitmaps (horizontal, vertical) into the edit box on the bottom right.
In case of the example above horizontal = 4 and vertical = 3.
The coordination of the top left and bottom right being defined here are for the whole combined map. They are not for the map0000.bmp.

Then the map can be displayed.

Grayscale can be also combined.
They can be overlaid onto the elevation data.

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