1.6 Grayscale

Many CG software are using graphic data with 256 grayscale format.
The Kashmir supports also this grayscale format.

(How to use)
Prepare a grayscale file as bitmap file (BMP). Select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Grayscale] and your bitmap file. Then a Map Information Setup window will come up. Please enter the unit height value in [meter] for one step of the grayscale.
The bottom height as a base altitude can also be defined. Enter the value into [Base Altitude].

If you want ot have a correct coordination please define those of the top left and bottom right. Without coordination value the map can be displayed. Please clock [Create] button.

When the coordination is not defined please take into account of the distances of the coordination (latitude and longitude).
Reducing these distances results a steep terrain and expansion results a gentle terrain. Even for a rather same altitude variety of the form in a small area results also a steep terrain.

Combining of Multiple Gray Scale

Multiple gray scales can be combined like tile.

Please refer to the next page and follow the same way as the bitmap.

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