1.5 CHsystem Model

These data were created for a CG software "CHsystem".
These data were read from 1/25,000 maps and have maximum 25m grid resolution. Data of the Mt.Hotakadake, Mt.Yakedake, Mt.Hiuchigatake, Mt.Komagatake(Hokkaido), Mt.Daisetsu, Mt.Tokachidake, and Chishima-Rettou islands etc. are available.

(How to use)
Select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [CHsystem's PMB] and a file with .PMB extension. Then a Map Information Setup window will come up. Since there are no coordination information integrated in a CHsystem data they must be given by the user. It is also possible to display without giving the coordination values. If you want to set the exact coordination values please type in each coordination value of the top left and bottom right respectively.

(Download) 3D Landscape CG, @nifty FYAMAP LIB-3, "Enjoy Mountain and Map with PC (Japanese) Vol2" CD-ROM

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