Basic Operation

Window Abstract

After start up of the Kashmir the following window will come up.
This window supports multiple documents where you can many open and operate many maps at the same time. Some important key words are listed and explained below.

- Tool Bar

Selecting these buttons simplifies the activation of functions rather than selecting from menu. Tool bar can be hidden or display by selecting the menu [View] - [Toolbar].

- Dialog Bar

On this panel you fund various information and buttons. You can drug the bar with mouse if it is not enough visible on the screen.
The panels on the dialog bar can be drugged and the sequence can be arranged. The triangle button on the top right corner minimizes the dialog into the title. Dialog bar can be hidden or display by selecting the menu [View] - [Dialoglbar].

- Guide Window

Small Map located over the dialog bar. Drugging a red flag with mouse in the window makes a scrolling of the Map Viewer Window.

- Status Bar

displays information.
Status bar can be hidden or display by selecting the menu [View] - [Statusbar].

Pull-down Menu with right mouse button

If you click the right mouse button on a Kashmir Map following menu comes up. Please notice that many operation are done in this manner. Menu items are different depending on where the right mouse button has been clicked.


When the mouse pointer comes near to the characters such as place name and GPS Data on a map following pop-up will be displayed. This means that the object such as the place name has been selected for the operation.

If you open the KashBird etc. in this state the coordination values at this point are input automatically. This avoid error selecting the mouse.

The pull-down menu with right mouse button in this state shows the operating menu for the sign (object).

Other Operations

Please refer to Here for detail operation of the Map Viewer.

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