The Kashmir supports plugin functions that allows you adding functions effectively.
Install corresponding plugin if you need the function. Plugins can be downloaded from the Kashmir homepage.

If the installed plug in is not necessary, it can be switched off by [?] - [Plugin switch]. Plugins which are not visible in this menu cannot be switched off. Switching off the plugin spares memory occupation.

Following plugins are available now for downloading from the Kashmir homepage.

Contour/Whitemap Display Plugin

This plugin adds contour lines to the Kashmir map display.
Additionally displaying only coastline (white map) is possible.
The distance between the lines can be setup freely in 1m distance. Automatic adaptation according to the display is also possible.
Colors of the contour lines and white map can be setup.

GPS File Tool Plugin

This tool enables GPS data exchange among different file formats.

Following functions are available.
(1) Export GPS data into CVS file format
(2) Import GPS data from CVS file format
(3) Export GPS data into place name file (NDB) format
(4) Import GPS data from place name file (NDB) format.

GIS Tool Plugin

This tool is for displaying various GIS data by the Kashmir3D.
Only linear element of Arc/Info export file format e00 is supported at the moment.

Swisstopo Plugin

Digital height model RIMINI and DHM25 provided by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography are supported by this plugin.

NMEA/IPS File Support Plugin

This plugin supports importing raw log data of GPS in NEMA format into the Kashmir
IPS series from SONY is also supported.

Map Hitory Plugin

Scrolled history of the 2D map is displayed in list format on the dialog bar.
Clicking a history on the list enables jump onto the last position of the map.

Position History Plugin

History of the Kashbird history is displayed on the control bar.
Clicking a history on Th. list enables jump onto the last position of the map.

NMEA Driver for Pilot Plugin

This plugin supports navigation drivers for NEMA and SONY-GPS. The difference from the conventional version is that the height data van be also sued for recording the track. (The conventional version ignores the height data and overwrite the height data from the map.)
Is is useful for flight application,  where height data are important.

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