About Cache

Kashmir is equipped with cache system to handle a huge amount of map data with higher efficiency. This enables you to open a large map data file with rather small size of memory space.
There are three types of cache, memory cache, disk cache, and lake cache. By tuning up these cache on your system you will get the best performance.

Select [View] - [Memory Options] for cache setup.

(1) Memory cache

The memory cache is used for rendering a KashBird photograph, as the primary or third cache for displaying a map picture, etc.. The size can be set up in kBytes. The size should be, minimum 5000 Kbytes, as large as possible. But if the resource is not sufficient the program may terminate in abnormal state. About 10 % of your total memory size would be a recommended size.

(2) Disk cache

The disk cache is used as a secondly cache for displaying a map. The size can be set up in MBytes. The size should be, minimum 5 Mbytes, as large as possible. The hard disc should be a large and fast one. As a disc cache space you can define by [Disk Cache Folder].

(3) Lake Cache

For the Lake data a cache is used because the lake data require a large memory space. When you use a lot of lake data it allows a better performance to set up a large lace cache space. The folder used for the lake cache is identical to the one of [Disk Cache Folder].


If you feel that the Map Display became slower try [Clear Cache].

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