Calculation Specification

Kashmir takes into account the earth radius by air for calculation of panorama, scenery CG, cross section, and visibility.
To specify the formula of the calculation, select [View] - [Computing Options].

(1) Setup Earth Radius
This setup specifies the effect of the earth radius.
There are two different ways of the setup.
The first one is to specify the magnification of the earth radius including the air refraction. In this case enter the factor value for magnification of he earth radius. For radio wave transmission 4/3 is often used.
The other way is to specify by temperature and altitude. Normally it is enough to enter these value at the view point. But is is not always correct since the effect of the temperature and altitude between the view point and the object is much larger.

(2) Close Terrain Effect
For the visibility check it can be specified whether close terrain is ignored. Without ignoring the close terrain, it causes often problem that the visible mountain results in invisible, because of the slight error between the peak name data and peak terrain data.
Also for the mountain with flat peak, it causes the same problem by the close terrain.
To eliminate these problem check the option [neglect] in the [Close Terrain] option.

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