5.5 Map Viewer window

Multiple Windows for different maps can be opened by the Kashmir.
In the default state the window is maximized. Buttons on the top right of the window enables resizing of the window.
Four map view windows can be opened in maximum. Each window can open different maps but opening many different maps requires much memory space.

(1) New Window

If you need another map open another new window.
To open a new window select [Window] - [New Window] or click buttons on the layout bar on the left side. The layout bar enables a direct input for the selection how many windows and which type of the layout should be.
After opening the new window select [File] - [Open] - [Map] to open a new map.

(2) Close Window

Close the windows that you do not need any more.
To close the window select X button on the top right corner of the window or select [Window] - [Close].

(3) Layout Button

The layout button enables an easy layout of the windows.

(4) Setup for each Map Window

Some of the viewer settings can be defined for each window independently.
The following setting can be defined for each window independently.

  • Link Icon Visibility
  • State Border Visibility
  • Lake Icon Visibility
  • Correct Aspect

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