4.2 Import / Export of GPS Data

To import a GPS file downloaded from GPS receiver etc. follow the steps below.

(1) Import

Select [File] - [Import GPS (TRK, RTE, WPT, POT)] and the file to be read in.
Multi files can also be opened sequentially.
About the supported file format refer to the last page.
For some file formats special plugin is required.

(2) Export

To export a GPS data already read in the Kashmir with any kind of format select [File] - [Export (TRK, RTE, WPT, POT)]. Then [GPD Editor] will come up. Select a waypoint, track, or route data file to be overwritten and [File]-[Export GPS Files].
Specify file format and file name to be exported and then click Ok.
For some file formats special plugin is required.

(3) Visible / Invisible

The locations of the way point data are displayed by icons. To setup icons select [View] - [View Options] - [GPS]. KashBird displays them as flags with red characters.
Track data are displayed with red lines as default also by the KashBird. The colors can be changed by the property settings.

To make a specific track or route invisible select [Edit] - [Edit GPS] and then click the rout and [invisible].
This can be possible by selecting from the popup menu shown by a right mouse button when the route menu is popped-up by putting the mouse pointer on the track or the route.
To make them visible select [Edit] - [Edit GPS] then [Visible].

(4) Flight Function

Route and track data of the GPS can be used for a rendering by the KashBird.

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