15.1 Save as BMP

The displayed graphic can be saved as a BMP (bitmap) file.
At first make a graphic to be saved and let the Kshmir display it. If the graphic is zoomed the graphic to be saved is also zoomed.

Select [File] - [Save Image] then select [Window] or [All Map]. If the [All Map] is selected the area outside of the window is also saved and it could ba a large file. This may cause an error. The size of the file is displayed on the status bar.

If you select [Window] the area displayed in the wondow is saved. When the size of the window changes the size of the graphic file is also hcanged.

The Kashbird saves only displayed area. The Kashbird saves the graphic always in 24bit BMP format.

The saved file can be used by any other applications since the format is .BMP(DIB).

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