The Kashmir is a software with variety of capabilities, which enable you to generate mountain visibility, real 3D landscapes, real-time flight simulation, and hyper maps.

Originally the Kashmir was published in 1994 to plot a visibility area map of a target mountain, just as its name (in Japanese Kashi means visibility). From Ver.4 the real 3D landscape rendering function with bird's eye was integrated, which has been taken over from the CHsystem published in 1991.
From Ver.5.0, some new functions, such as movie creation, were integrated and the reality of the 3DCG was upgraded.
From Ver.5.6, real time 3D engine has been implemented into preview of the KashBird, which enables real time CG.
From Ver.6.0, plugin system has been introduced, which allows an easy grade up. Conventional functions have been also upgraded.

The supported data formats are the digital map of the Geographic Survey Institute (Japan), USGS (United States Geographic Survey), Swiss Federal Office of Topography, etc.. You can enjoy the data from all over the world.

You can register any files, applications, folders, and links to the Internet WWW onto the map with icons. This function enables you to create a hyper map. It allows you to drag and draw between icons, to use link functions of the Windows.

The Kashmir is capable to work with the Netscape navigator or the Internet Explorer.

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