Functional Description

(1) Panorama Analyzing Function

A large panorama on the top of a mountain is a great fun. If you can tell all names of the mountain on the panorama it makes more pleasure. Kashmir let you know all the names of the mountain you are looking from the top of the mountain or let you know quickly from where is the mountain visible. The round surface of the earth and the refraction of the air, which causes the different height of the far object, are also taken into account.
A visibility map can also be created and displayed. Additionally the visibility map can be displayed on a bird'-eye map.
Please refer to "Panorama Function" for more detail
To use these functions a number of data for wide area are necessary. You can use the map which is attached to the program as default but it is not suitable for checking mountains in a wide area with 200 km or 300 km distance.
(2) Scenery CG Creating Function
Another great features of Kashmir is an integration of the KashBird which creates a real scenery CG.
Only you have to do to create a real CG is reading an elevation file and selecting a pre-defined scenery.

Without special technique such as mapping you can create beautiful scenery simulation.
Also many other 3DCG functions such as mapping are available.

Please refer to "Creating Scenery CG" for more detail.
(3) Real Time 3D Function
You can move around the 3D world in real time.
This function is implemented as preview function of the KashBird, which comes up after invoking the KashBird.
Wide area can be displayed with texture now in real time. Preview function is upgraded dramatically.

(Preview (Direct3D) setup) describes about these functions.

For this function DirectX5 or later version is required to be installed. Windows98 supports it as default. Windows NT has to wait for Windows2000 or later.

(4) Creating Movie
You can create also a movie scenery.
You can create a movie just like taken by a video camera, in which clouds are flowing, scenery are changing.
Movie maker supports animating almost all exposure and scenery parameters for a key frame. Its layer function enables an easy creation of a complex movie.
Please refer to "Creating Movie" for more detail.
(5) GPS Support Function
The Kashmir is also equipped with a navigation function which enables you a stand point- and trace- recording / displaying function by connecting with a GPS receiver. Also track data and way points logged by a GPS receiver can be displayed on the map for utilizing further functions available. DATUM conversion is also supported.
Direct reading of TRK, RTE, WPT file format of GARMIN or POT file format is supported.
Please refer to "GPS Navigation" and "About GPS Data" for more detail.
(6) Hyper Map Function
Many objects such as documents, graphics, and internet URL can be placed on the map as linked icons. A menu you saw the installation was realized by using this function.
Please refer to "Hyper Map Function" for more detail.
(7) Plugin Functions
Plugin function enables to add only desired functionality subsequently. Plugin functions can be downloaded from the homepage of the Kashmir.
(8) Other Functions
There are also other variety of functions available.

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