1.1 Digital Map of Geographic Survey Institute Japan

Kashmir supports "50m grid (elevation)", "250m grid (elevation)", "1 km grid (elevation)", and "1 km grid (average elevation" digital maps from the Geographic Survey Institute Japan.

About the Digital Maps on CD-ROM

From July 1997 on the digital map has been published by the Geographic Survey Institute Japan in CD-ROM format. It became very easy to get them. Following is an overview about the digital maps.

Digital Map 250 m / 1 km (Elevation) Whole Japan 7,500 Jpy  The Digital Map 250m (Elevation) and 1 km (Elevation) covering whole Japan in one CD-ROM. This would be a start point. If you would buy the conventional FD version they would cost about a million Yen! 
Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan II 7,500 Jpy The Digital Map 50m (Elevation) provides you with 50m grid in 3 CD-ROM. Japan II covers from the north east part of main island to the middle west. Japan II covers the most interesting mountain area of Japan (Chubu). The 50m grids makes a detail reconstruction of the mountains! You can keep your favorite mountains always in touch! 
Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan III 7,500 Jpy
Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan I

Ordering: Book shops in Japan or Japan Map Center (JMC)

(Using the CD-ROM Version)
These CD-ROM are detected by the Kashmir automatically.
Please follow the next steps.

  1. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive.
  2. Select [FIle] - [Open Digital Map on CD-ROM]
  3. Select the CD-ROM drive from the menu if you have two or more CD-ROM drives.
  4. Click on the map which to be displayed or type the file name.
  5. Execute [Open]
Normally it takes much time to read out from the CD-ROM. If you get a better performance it is recommended to use the Compress Map. Please refer to the attached Q&A (FAQ.TXT).


(How to use the digital map 50m mesh elevation in FD format)
When you use these digital maps copy the files from the floppy to the hard disk under the same folder. Then, for the 50m grid map select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Digital Map 50m Grid] and open the folder that you have just copied from the FD. Select any file with (*.MEM) extension.

Neighbor maps are also opened automatically if they exist.

The digital map 250 m / 1 km grid can displayed more quickly if they are registered in the Kashmir's mesh files. Ii is recommended to do that. Please refer to Here how to register.

The digital map 1 km grid can not be read in directly.
A mesh file must be created and registered before use. Refer to Here for the detail.

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