19. Q&A

Q : The KashBird generates some red points like garbage.

These are the GPS data delivered as sample.
Select [File] - [Close] - [GPS (GDB)] to close the GPS file. You can suppress these points also by checking [Track / Route Invisible] in [Setup] - [GPS] dialog of the KashBird.

Q : Is there any way to create original elevation data otherwise gray scale ?

The Grayscale is the simplest way to create original data.
If you have some experience with programming precise data can be created in the following way.

The Kashmir can read array of binary values as elevation data. Each value consists of two bytes in Motorola format (Big endian). The unit of value is meter.
If the data has 1000 elements in longitude direction and 2000 elements in latitude direction the first array in the longitude direction consists of 1000 elements and is repeated 1000 times in the latitude direction.
After creation of a file save it with .bil extension.
Then you have to create a file which includes location information in text format. Please create this file with a text editor in the following way.

BYTEORDER      M : Do not change
NODATA -9999 : Do not change
NCOLS 873 : Data number in longitude direction
NROWS 632 : Data number in latitude direction
ULXMAP 138.538944444444 : longitude at the north west corner in degree
ULYMAP 35.515555555556 : latitude at the north west corner in degree
XDIM 0.000555237368 : Different angle for one point in longitude direction in degree
YDIM 0.000452927215 : Different angle for one point in latitude direction in degree

------------------- Example -----------------------
NODATA -9999
ULXMAP 138.538944444444
ULYMAP 35.515555555556
XDIM 0.000555237368
YDIM 0.000452927215
------------------- End of Example -----------------

Save the text data with the same name of the .bil data above with hdr extension. For example test.bil and test.hdr.

Open Kashmir and select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [1-degree-DEM] and then select the bil file to open the map. 

Q : Why do some part of the free digital map lack ?

Lake data cannot be used for the free digital map. Overflow of the lake results such phenomenon. Please close the lake data by [File] - [Close] - [Lake (LAK)].

Q : How can I save memory space ?
A : 

To save the memory space please try the following setups. 

(1) Close the lake data. 
Close the lake data by selecting [File] - [Close] - [Lake (LAK)]. 

(2) Use with 16 bit color mode. 
This mode requires far less memory space than 24 bit color mode. The 256 color mode is not recommended. 

(3) Close the GPS data 
Select [File] - [Close] - [GPS (GDB)] to close the GPS data. 

(4) Use only one KashBird 
 Please open only one KashBird to save the memory space. 

(5) Re-size windows smaller 
Both windows for the Kashmir and the KashBird should be small to save memory space.

Q : How can the digital map 50m grid CD-ROM be combined ?

There will be three CD-ROM for 50m grid covering entire Japan. CD-ROM has to be exchanged for every time when you are near the border of the CD-ROM. All CD-ROM can be compressed and combined so that entire Japan can be displayed continuously. Select [File] - [Compress Digital Map] and [Compose all Japan (for CD-ROM)]. If the Japan II and Japan II are combined the size of the compressed map will be about 330 Mbyte. There is no function available to combine compressed file and original file. Please do it again from the CD-ROM.

Q : Is there any tip to use the digital map CD-ROM ?
To use the digital map in CD-ROM please follow the next step. 

(1) Open direct from the CD-ROM
If the CD-ROM is inserted to the drive [FIle] - [Open] - [Map] - [Digital Map 50m Grid] or Digital Map 250m Grid] menu will come up. Then you can open all maps independent with the folder allocation. 

(2) Compressing the map is recommended.
 Reading the data directly from the CD-ROM reduces the performance. It is recommended to save the map as a compressed map into the HD although it takes a little time. You need for a 50m grid digital map about 170 Mbyte and it takes about 30 minutes to process it. After compression of the map the reading speed will be dramatically increased and you don't need the CD-ROM any more. It is recommended to compress the map by [File] - [Compress Digital Map]. 

Open compressing menu after opening the map according to (1).

Q : What is the map compression ?
To save the disk space for a mobile PC etc. the map can be compressed. The performance for displaying will also be increased.
To compress a map select [File] - [Compress Digital Map] after reading the map.
Q : How do the lake data look like ?

The lake data are in text format. The point where water has to be dropped and transparency are listed. This file is similar to the place name data. The extension of the file is /LAK.
The lakes are actually stored as cache in the cache directory. If the maximum cache size is specified larger the performance is also increased. To change the cache select [View] - [Memory Options].

Q : How can the performance be increased ?

There are following ways to increase performance.

- Compression of the MAP 
Compression of the map and save on the HD by [File] - [Compress Digital Map]. This can accelerate reading the map. 
- Copy from the CD-ROM to the HD 
It is faster reading from the HD than directly from the CD-ROM. Copy the map onto the HD or use any acceleration software for the CD-ROM. 
- Increase Cache size
By increasing the cache for the map you will get higher performance. Select [View] - [Memory Options] and setup the cache. The disc cache is more effective than the memory cache. Recommended size of the cache is about 20 Mbyte. 

If you use the KashBird often please increase also the size of the memory cache.

Q : What is GPS data base ?

GPS data base is to store track data, route data and waypoint data which are collected by GPS receiver. The extension of a data file is .GDB. 
TRK file, RTE file, and WPT file of GARMIN's GPS equipment can be read and added to the data base directly. 
This is similar to that the place name is added to the place name data base. TRK data of the GPS corresponds to data of the "YAMAOTAKU" and can not be edited directly. 
With a GPS equipment except for GARMIN model track data and way  point can be recorded during navigation using RS232C connection.

Q : Does the Kashmir support 256 color video mode ?
A : 

The 256 color can also be used. 
Under the environment where only 256 color can be used the display speed of map or KashBired's CG, or flight function are reduced. Also there could be some problems such that some garbage will remain on the map display. Please use high color mode or full color mode as far as possible. 

Q : Altitude value of the USGS looks strange.

There are some USGS 1-degree-Map with feet unit. If the feet unit map is used the altitude will be about three times higher.
Please select [Edit] - [Edit Map Information] then  change the unit of altitude to "feet".

Q : How can a transparent link icon be created ? 
A :

It is possible to define a transparent color for BMP. Make a file info.bex, under the same directory where the BMPis saved, which contains only one line like 255,0,0 if you want to set red as a transparent color. GIF cannot be used.

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