Creating Mesh File

It is convenient to use the digital map with 250m grid and 1 km grid registered as a "Mesh File" which has Kashmir specific format.
PLease imagine that the "Mesh File" format is a digital map which is able to be referred by the Kashmir.

By the registration both of the maps (250m grid and 1 km grid) can be used simultaneously. This enables you to use the cheaper 1 km map for entire Japan and the 250m only for the part which you got.

This conversion has to be done only once for a digital map as long as there is no revision of the map.

(1) Prepare Digital Map

Copy or extract all files within the digital map FD which should be registered under certain directory on your hard disk.

In case of the "250m grid (elevation)" copy the file xxxxxx.SEM saved on the floppy disk.  If you have several FD copy all files on them. In case of CD-ROM you don't have to copy since it contents all files under 250m directory.

1 km grid files are compressed to a LHA file. If you extract the file there will be many files with mane of xxxxxx.TEM.

The 1 km grid files can be merged but the merged file cannot be registered by the Kashmir.

(2) Register

Open the Kashmir.
Select [File] - [New] - [KASHMIR's Mesh].
Then the file select window will come up, select a mesh file to be registered. Please select the directory and enter the file name (normally with .msh extension). After successful input there will be displayed a place name on the sea.

Then select [File] - [File] - [Register Digital Map]. Select a file of the "digital map" to be registered. If there are same kind of the digital map files under the directory all files can be registered at the same time. In this case a message will come up to be answered "yes" or "no".

Then the registration will be started. If there are many digital map it will take much time.

After completion of the registration terrain will be displayed only where the digital map is available. If you register only Hokkaido please scroll the map so that Hokkaido is displayed.


- For the entire Japan about 12 Mbytes space for the mesh file is required. Please attention to the free disk space.

- If you already have the area of the digital map you will be asked to overwrite it.

- You can register 250m grid and 1 km grid in one mesh file simultaneously. For an area only one map can be registered. For example you can use the cheaper 1 km map for entire Japan and the 250m only for the part which you got.

- In the mesh file the place lower than 0m becomes see. Do not use mesh file when it is not allowed.