1. Terrain / Map Data
The Kashmir is a software which creates a view of map and a landscape CG using digital landscape data. Except the attached data [Mt. Rainier] there are many kinds of topographic data.

From July 1997 on the digital map has been published by the Geographic Survey Institute Japan in CD-ROM format. It became very easy to get them. Following is an overview about the digital maps.

Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan II 7,500 Jpy The Digital Map 50m (Elevation) provides you with 50m grid in 3 CD-ROM. Japan II covers from the north east part of main island to the middle west. Japan II covers the most interesting mountain area of Japan (Chubu). The 50m grids makes a detail reconstruction of the mountains! You can keep your favorite mountains always in touch! 
Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan III 7,500 Jpy
Digital Map 50m (Elevation) Japan I
Digital Map 200000 (Map Image) 7,500 Jpy CD-ROM format of the conventional paper maps. One CD-ROM consists of an area of the 50m mesh elevation data. Kashmir supports displaying of the map using the map image plugin.

There are also free map data available for those who cannot get these digital maps.

Which area data are easy to get?

Free Digital Map Mountains are modeled as cones and are not realistic but is covers whole Japan in 250m grid. 
USGS 30 sec. Mesh
It corresponds 1 km mesh and is rather rough, but is easy to get because of the PDS. 
"Enjoy 3D Map with PC (Japanese)" 
Whole world (except for special part of area) is covered in 30 sec. mesh format. These data are contained in CD-ROM with EVM file format. 

Which large scale maps are easy to get?

Digital Map of the FYAMAP Digital maps in 50m mesh digitized by some members of the @nifty FYAMAP are available in the library of the FYAMAP. There are also some part of the north Alps in Japan available. Free ware. 
CHsystem Map These data were developed for a 3D software CHsystem. It has maximum 25m mesh resolution. Kamikochi, Oze, Daisetuzan, Tokachidake, Tchishima-rettou, etc. are available. 
USGS 3 sec. mesh
Since it has about 100m mesh resolution you can recognize figure of mountains. Only north America, Alaska and Hawaii are available. They can be downloaded easily because of PDS. 
ILL"Trip series Mountain and Nature (Japanese)" Data in this series in MAT format have very detail resolution. This allows very prices reproduction of the ground. 

It covers many famous places such as North Alps, Mt. Fuji, Oze, etc.. 

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