1.12 DXF Format Output

The Kashmir has a capability to output the elevation data in DXF format which enables you to use other 3D software.
Output file with a format, such as bitmap, which has no elevation information does not help. In case of a file in MAT format only elevation data are output.

For the output follow the way below.

(1) Read the map file to be output.

Read the map file into the Kashmir which should be output.
In case of a file in MAT format only elevation data are output.
(2) Select the region to be output
Select [File] - [Export DXF file].
Then a setup window will come up.


Select whether all map or a region should be compressed. When you select the region click the [Select] button and define the top left and bottom right of the region on the map with the left mouse button. Do not do any other operation during the selection of the region.
The region can be defined with latitude and longitude.
The region being selected will be larger as defined since the compression is done in block manner.
[File Name]
Define a DXF file name which will be saved with DXF extension.
The size of the disc space depending on the size of the selected region on the map may require some Kbytes or some hundred Mbytes.
[Grid Size]
You can specify the grid size of the output file. If you choose 1 time the size of the grid is just same as the original. Normally 2 times or more is recommended since it may be too large data size.
[Point Unit]
The unit of the DXF output file is specified.
  After all these steps click [Create].


The output grid is projected to the flat surface according to the coordination. Therefore the result form will not be an exact rectangle but like a trapezoid.

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