1.3 USGS Map Data

The United States Geographic Survey (USGS) provides its data through the Internet public domain (ftp://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data). Everyone can access this FTP server and can get the data without any charge.
Also you can FTP from http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov to get the data on the map.

The Kashmir supports two of these data format.

(a)30 second grid (30arc-second DEM) or (GTOPO30)

The resolution of this map corresponds about 1 kg grid. This map covers almost whole world. The FTP site is : ftp://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/gtopo30/global/
Downloading from the WWW : http://www1.gsi-mc.go.jp/gtopo30/gtopo30.html You can select area on the map.
Data of Japan (unit of height = foot) are uploaded to the NIFTY SERVE FYAMAP LIB-3 by Mr. Kragen.

Necessary files are *.tar.gz which are compressed maps.
After expansion by gzip and tar you will get the *.DEM and *.HDR files. (Old data set has *.BIL and *.HDR files.) You can erase other files.

(How to use)
Select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [USGS GTOP30] and then one of the *.dem file made according to the way above.
Kashmir reads other GTOP30 files at the same time if they are found under the same folder. The complete data set of the GTOPO30 in a CD-ROM which you get from the USGS etc. can be read at the same time. The map of the South Pole is not supported.
Other GTOP30 data cannot be read at the same time when two or more files are under the same folder.

The data of the South Pole in 30 second available now from the USGS now are not supported by the Kashmir.

The old data in 30 second with BIL extension are supported by the Kashmir.
For some old data with foot unit change the unit by selecting [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Edit Map Information] then select [feet].

(b)3 second grid data (1-Degree USGS Digital Elevation Models)
The resolution of the data corresponds to about 100m grid. This map covers whole America, Hawaii, and Alaska etc..
The FTP site is : ftp://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/DEM/250 Downloading from the WWW : http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/glis/hyper/guide/1_dgr_demfig/index1m.html You can select area on the map.

Rename the files with .DEM extension after expansion by the gzip.

(How to use)
Select [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [USGS 1-degree-DEM] and then *.DEM file made according to the way above. Neighboring map files are also read automatically when they are found under the same folder.
When the file is read at first time the file will be converted into the Kashmir original format. This conversion is done automatically. Pleas wait a moment.

The USGS announced that the file should have a delimiter. But pleas do not do that. If the file has a delimiter such as dd it is not readable by the Kashmir.

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