12.1 Let's try to create a Movie

An example of creating a simple movie is described here to show how the movie maker works.

Main Function of the Movie Maker

Abstract of the created Movie

Here is an example of creating a movie of Japanese north Alps starting from Mt.Chougatake and moving to Mt.Jounendake then turn around to Mt.Hotaka. The number of the BMP files is 40 for instance.

At first the camera is looking at the direction of Mt.Yarigatake from Mt.Chougatake. The object of the camera is 28 mm wide lens. The center of the frame may be Mt.Minamidake.
Keeping this angle of the camera move to the top of Mt.Jounendake with 30 frames and then turn to the left to look at Mt.Hotaka. For turing around 10 frames are used.
The playback time is about two seconds with 15 frames / sec. (The playback time can be changed by the movie software.)

(1) Open KashBird

Open KashBird and move to Mt.Chougatake.
Point the top of Mt.Chougatake with mouse pointer and click the right mouse button, then select [KashBird] - [Open KashBird].

(2) Setup the first Frame

Now setup the KashBird as a basic of the movie.
The size of the display can be defined freely but for publishing in the network it must be small enough. Let's select 480*120 for instance.
For other setups select 28 mm for the lens, default setup for "Summer Mountain", 12m for camera altitude, 28 km for distance, and place name off.

To adjust the direction of the camera on Mt.Minamidake click the right mouse button at Mt.Minamidake and select [KashBird Target]. Now the KashBird directs to Mt.Minamidake.
Setup of the KashBird can be changed for each Frame but the first setup becomes the basic one. Please try several times until you get your favorite photography.
After the setup please remain the photograph of the KashBird. It does not need to be taken again.

(3) Open Movie Maker

Open Movie Maker. Click  button or select [3D] - [Make Movie] of the Kashmir.

(4) Setup Key Frame

"Key Frame" is a check point of a movie which consists of series of BMP photographs. The setups of the KashBird can be changed by each key frame. Setups of the last key frame is hold until the next key frame appears. Most setup values are interpolated mathematically and calculated for a smooth transition between different key frames.

If you setup the key frames only for the first Mt.Chougatake and the last Mt.Jounendake all intermediate points are on the direct line between these two points.
For this example with 40 BMP frames two points of the 30 frames between Mt.Chougatake and Mt.Jounendake are defined as the key points. The first, the 10. 20. and 30. points are defined as the key frames.

At first the first scene of the KashBird is set as the first key frame.

You see yellow buttons on the "Time Sequence". One of the yellow button corresponds to a frame. The left end one is frame 0. Click where no button is located.
After checking that the number of "current frame" on the left side is "0" click [Register Key Frame] . Then  the button right side of the [New Layer] becomes red. This indicates that this frame is registered.

That was the first frame registration.

(5) Setup next Key Frame

Move the KashBird to the 1/3 point on the mountain ridge between Mt.Chougatake and Mt.Jounendake. To move the KashBird drag the white ring with mouse on the map.

After movement try to rend a photograph without changing any setup of the KashBird.
(Basically you don't have to mind the first setup such as azimuth. But a sudden change of a setup causes an abnormal scene of the created movie.)
If you find a hindrance for the next landscape then you can move and try another rendering. For searching of the view points it would be easier when the map scale of the Kashmir is 2 or 4 times.

If you decide the next key frame point click the 10th frame yellow button in the time sequence. Check that the blue focusing has been moved to there and or the current frame on the top left shows 10, click [Register Key Frame].

Setup also the 20th frame on the 2/3 way to Mt.Jounendake and 30 th frame on the top of Mt.Jounendake in the same manner.

When you reached at Mt.Jounendake now try to spend last 10 frames for turing around to the Mt.Hotaka.
The present view point should have the azimuth of 297 degree if you have not changed it. Now it must be changed to look at Mt.Hotaka.
The way to change the view point is identical to that of the first setup.  Move the mouse to the target mountain. Then click the right mouse button. Select [KashBird] - [KashBird Target]. Here try to setup the target to Mt.Okuhotaka. The view point should have an azimuth of 240 degree. After checking whether there is no problem by the KashBird then register this frame as the 40th key frame.

(6) Camera View

After completion of the key frame setups click the Play mark (triangle in the right direction) in the [Camera View] of the movie maker.
The KashBird creates the previews on the defined course.

If there is no problem save the movie file.
This setup can be used for another movie on the same course and it can also be modified later.
For the next creation of the movie select the old files by [File] - [Open] after starting the Movie Maker

(7) Modification

to check an intermediate scene between the key frames click the corresponding yellow button and rend a photograph by the KashBird.
If you find a problem in a scene between the key frames modify that part by the KashBird setup and register it as a key frame.

(8) Make Movie

If there is no problem with the setup click [Make] button of the Movie Maker.
You will ask about the folder to save the BMP files. It is set to the folder where the Kashmir has been installed as default.
Then the KashBird starts to render very hard. Let's have a coffee break until it is completed.

(9) Check Movie

After rendering all scene a dialog will come up to tell you the completion.
Select [Movie] in the combo box where [Preview] was selected. Then click the [Play] button (triangle in the right direction).
Then BMP graphics created by the KashBird are played consecutively and look like a movie.
How do you like it? Are you satisfied of it?

If there is a problem modify that point according to (7).
Try again (8) Make Movie. If you click [Make] button a dialog will come up where you can specify either all frames or specified frames. You can specify frames to be modified there.

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