12.2 Register Frame

For a movie creation you need to specify several key frames. Other frames in-between are created automatically.
The most simple case is that there are only the first and the last key frames defined. The key frame is required only for a turning point of the movement.

(1) Register Key Frame

Open movie Maker and one KashBird. Setup of a movie is based on the KashBird setup. If two KashBirds are opened the Active (is on the title)  KashBird is selected for the setup.
After adjusting the camera position etc. with this KashBird key frames are registered by the Movie Maker. There are following ways to register key frames.

(a) Select Current Frame

To register a new key frame change the number for the current frame and click [Register Key Frame] button.
Current frame can be changed by clicking each frame on the time chart. Be careful not to click the red or blue buttons.

(b) Right Mouse Button on the Time Chart

When you click the right mouse button on the buttons (except for the red or blue one) on the time chart a menu will come up which has [Register Key].

(2) Check Frame

Each frame setup can be checked by the KashBird.
To check the entire frame click the yellow button on the time chart. The current setting of the frame is transfers to the KashBird.

When the layers are defined and the frames of each layer have to be checked click the button (blue or red) on each layer. [Frame] of the right mouse button can also be used.

(3) Preview

If you have to see all frames to check the camera position in a sequence click arrow (triangle) buttons near the camera preview. To stop the play back click the stop button on the center.

(4) Edit Key Frame

To change the position of the key frame click the right mouse button on the red button on the key frame and use [Cut Key], [Paste Key], [Copy Key] in the menu.

(5) Movie Creation form GPS Data

It is possible to create a movie from GPS track data or route data.
Select the data to be used on the map or in the GPS editor then select [Movie Conversion] from the right mouse button menu.
Then a setup dialog will come up. Adjust the time scale so that the number of the frames become desired value. The route can be smoothed. If you take many points for smoothing there would be a case that the points are out of the route.

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