12.3 Using Layer

For a simple movie the layer function may not be necessary but for a complex one it is an important function.  Using the layer enables independent key frame setups for camera movement and cloud movement. Without layer both turning points have to be specified on an identical key frame.

(1) Create new Layer

There is already one layer available as default.
Create another new layer to use the layer function.

(a) Create new Layer

There are triangle buttons under the layer name in the time chart. Click the next triangle button under the last defined layer. The a menu will come up. Select [New Layer] and enter the name of the new layer. ("Cloud Movement" for example)

(b) Layer Setup

Then a layer setup dialog will come up.
Checked parameters are valid in on the layer. If only the cloud movement has to be defined on the layer click [Clear All] button at first to uncheck all. Then scroll down and check only [Cloud #1]. If other clouds should be moved together check corresponding clouds.
Then click Ok to create a new layer which controls only the cloud movement.

(2) Layer Priority

If there are some layers which have a common valid parameter the layer which ic located on the lower column has a higher priority. In the case of the example above all parameters on the top layer are valid and only cloud is valid on the second layer which has been added above. The cloud is valid on the both layers. In this case the most lowest layer in the table has the highest priority and other layers are ignored for the parameter which is valid on the higher priority layer.

(3) delete / Move Layer

To delete the layer click triangle button and select [Delete Layer].
To move the layer select [Up] or [Down].

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