12.4 Adjusting Frame

Frame rate of movie is 15 frames / sec as a default. This value can be changed when the bitmap file output with sequence number from the Kashmir are converted to a movie format such as QuickTime format by a movie software.
In that case the total number of the frame can not be changed by the movie software. It is recommended to adjust it by the Movie Maker in advance.

(1) Adjusting Frame Rate

The frame rate can be set up by selecting [Setup] - [Setup].
Enter the new frame rate value and click Ok. Then you will be asked whether the frames are recalculated. If you allow the recalculation the key frames are reallocated so that the total time of the movie becomes identical. If no recalculation is allowed total time of the movie changes according to the number of the frames.

(2) Expansion / Compression of Time

To change the entire time of the movie select [Edit] - [Expand Time].
Then a dialog will come up and [Total Frames],  [Total Time], or [Frame Rate] can be modified.
According to the modification the position of the key frames are also reallocated automatically.

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