12.5 Movie Output

The movie output file format is bitmap with sequence number.
Each file name consists of the corresponding frame number and each file is a bitmap graphic. To upload into the network the files should normally be converted into a movie format such as QuickTime or AVI. This conversion requires another movie software. Please refer to follows.

(1) Creating Movie

After all movie setups click [Make] button.
A dialog will come up where you can specify the folder for the generated files.
If you click Ok the movie creation is started. To break the movie creation click [Cancel] button.

(2) Preview Movie

The created movie can be played back by the Kashmir. The playback time is not correct in this case.
Click the combo box at the center of the Movie Maker. Select the [Preview] in the box.
Click the play back button (triangle in right direction) to play back and the square button to stop.

(3) Conversion into other Format

You need other software to convert the output file into another movie format such as QickTime.
There are some sharewares for this purpose. Please look for in the Internet.
For the Quicktime format QuickTime3.0Pro of Apple is recommended since it is cheep and has many functions. If you register edit function can be added to the free software QuickTime3.0.

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