13.1 GPS Navigation

There are following ways to display the current position connecting with a GPS receiver.

(1) Prepare a digital map

Large scale map such as 50m grid is suitable for this purpose. For hiking 1/25000 map CD-ROM from the Geographic Survey Institute Japan is recommended since the current point can be displayed on the 1/25000 graphic.
Two different method are described here: using digital elevation data and using a map graphic such as 1/25000 CD-ROM.

(a) Compression of Elevation Data

When the 50m grid elevation data are used CD-ROM drive or HDD with large capacity could be required. This would be a problem for a small mobile PC. To spare the HDD space only necessary part of the map can be compressed and stored on the HDD. CD-ROM drive is not any more necessary and the compressed data helps the reading speed from the HDD.
How to compress the map please refer to Here.

(b) Using the Map Ggraphic

The 1/25000 CD-ROM map from the Geographic Survey Institute Japan or any other digital maps on market can be read by the Kashmir.

At first the map must somehow be converted into bitmap format, 1/25000 CD-ROM can be read by a graphic software such as "Photoshop" and have to be saved as a 256 color bitmap file. In case of other software on the market the map graphic would be copied to the clipboard or saved directly as a bitmap file using a function of the software.
The saved bitmap must be 256 color format otherwise it have to be converted by a graphic software. If the Paint of the Windows95 attached is used read the file and save it as 256 bitmap format.

Open the map by the Kashmir selecting [File] - [Open] - [Map] - [Bitmap] and select the prepared bitmap file. Use [Edit] - [Edit Map Information] to specify coordinate of the top left and the bottom right.
This map can not be displayed as 3D.

(2) Connect GPS

Connect GPS receiver to the PC with RS-232C etc.
Setup the GPS receiver. In case of GARMIN or MAGELLAN model select NMEA interface mode.

(3) Start Navigation

Start navigation on the Kashmir.
Select [GPS] - [Start GPS Navigation].
Setup following items on the dialog.

Communication Port Selects RS-232C COM port
Receiver Selects NMEA or IPS
Centering Map Centers the current point on the map
3D View Displays 3D from the current point
Recording Track Records track data
Refresh Rate Specifies the refresh period for the current point and track data.
To start the navigation click [Start]. During the navigation [GPS Status Window] is displayed. To break the navigation select [GPS] - [Stop Navigation].
The above functions ignore the altitude information of the GPS.
To use the altitude data please use [NEMA Driver For Pilot Plugin].

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