13.2 Different Functions

About functions which can be used during GPS Navigation are described.

(1) 3D Display

The KashBird displays 3D landscape form the current point.
Quality of the 3D display and display region can be specified by selecting [Setup] - [Camera].
The KashBird for the 3D display can be used as normal KashBird. The direction of the camera can also be specified. A real rendering by [Take] is also possible.
When you use [Take] it is recommended to uncheck [GPS Related]. If it is checked the position of the KashBird is updated according to the movement.

Place names can also be displayed by 3D.
For detail setup of the display such as disabling the place name or displaying them in vertical direction select [Setup] - [Place Name] or [GPS].

(2) Create Track Data

Trace of the navigation can be recorded as a track data.
The recorded track data can be played back later.
Select [Edit] - [Edit GPS] or put the mouse pointer onto the track and select [Start GPS Navigation] from the right mouse button mane. The speed can not be played back.

To break the play back select [GPS] - [Stop GPS Navigation].

(3) Add Waypoint

During the navigation waypoint can be created on the current point by selecting [GPS] - [Add Waypoint].

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