2.3 Edit Place Name

For Editing the displayed place names select [Edit] - [Edit Place Name] or click the right mouse button when the mouse pointer is near the place and when the place name is emphasized.

Place name has some properties to set up.

(1) Conversion between the place name and the GPS data

The place name can be converted to/from GPS way point, route data, and track data.
Please refer to  here for the conversion.

(a) Conversion by [Edit] - [Edit Place Name]

Select the place name from the displayed place name list. You can select multiple place names.
When you select [Convert]-[Convert to Waypoint], the selected place names are converted into the waypoints. In this conversion the selected original names will be deleted.
When you select [Convert]-[Copy to Waypoint], the original place name are copied as new waypoints.

(b) Conversion from the map

Click the right mouse button on the map near the place where the name is emphasized.
Select [Convert] - [Convert to Waypoint] to convert the point to a waypoint. In this case the original place name will be deleted.
If you select [Convert] - [Copy to Waypoint] a new way point will be added without deleting the original place name.

(2) Find

The [Edit] - [Edit Place Name] window has a small search (find) function to find out a place name in the list.

Every time when you push the [Search] button, the cursor stops at the position where the keyword is found.

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