2.2 Add Place Name

There are different way of adding a new place name.

(1) Add manually

Select [Edit] - [Edit Map Information] then you can select from the place name list. If you add a new place name click [New] button. A property of the place name will be displayed. Please type in what you know.

when you make a new place name on the map, click the right mouse button and select  [New Name] pushing [Ctrl] key. This enables to adjust the place at the nearest peak.

Or, click the right mouse button on the map and select [New Name].

How to type in the properties

Latitude and Longitude
They have to be specified
It does not have to be specified but if you know it please define.
Select a type of the place name from the list below. 
Alias (If there are another name of the mountain.) 
The level of the place can be defined in the following 5 steps. The larger of the number of the layer the more important is the place. 
Level 1 
Level 2 
Level 3 
Level 4 
Level 5
Snap This Name
If this check box is marked the place name will be emphasized when the mouse comes near to the name. When a function of the left mouse is selected the data at this name are used for a calculation etc..
Geodetic Datum
The datum for the coordination value used there are specified. 
Normally TOKYO should be selected for Japan and WGS-84 for other places.
Copy Information
copies the information into the clipboard in the comma separated format.

(2) Import Yamaotaku Data

You can import place names from the Yamaotaku data. The Yamaotaku data have a latitude- longitude format.
Select [File] - [Import YMD]. After setting about the processing way for the different names at the same place click Ok to add the place name.
The Yamaotaku distinguishes between "Mountain Name" and "Place Name". When the extension field has C it means the "Place Name" and other cases are "Mountain Name". Famous mountains are allocated onto the "Layer 2" and other are onto the "Layer 1".

(2) Add Place Name

The place name can be added from other place name data base file (.NDB).
Select [File] - [Add Place Name (NDB)]. After setting about the processing way for the different names at the same place click Ok to add the place name.

(4) Import GPS Data

GPS data can be used for the place name. It may also be an way point or a point from track data.
Open GPD data.
Put the mouse pointer on the point which you add as a place name then select [Point] - [Place Name Conversion].

When this is done in the GPS edit window convert or copy the point by [Convert] - [Convert to Name] or [Convert] - [Copy to Name] respectively.

(5) Add from the KashBird

You can add the place name from the photograph taken by the KashBird.
Check [View] - [Mouse Alt/Dist] of the KashBird in advance.
After rending by the KashBird click right mouse button on the terrain where you create a new place name and select [Add Place Name here]. Then enter the place name property and click [Ok]. This place name will be valid after a new rendering by the KashBird.

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