11.10.6 Detail of Scenery / Sun

About setup of the sun is described here.

(1) Light Options

setups the sun light

(a) Light Color

setups the light color.
Normally the color of light has not to be changed. Sunset color can be generated automatically by setting the angle of the sun very low
If the color which you select is not white the color saturation should not be large to obtain a natural landscape.
This color is independent on the color of the sun itself.

(b) Shadow Strength (For Ray-tracing)

This setting is valid for a ray tracing with shadow rendering. To render a more dark shadow this value should be larger than 1.
The darkness of the shadow depends on the material for each ground surface. When the strength is set to 1 the strength of the shadow corresponds to the material strength.

(2) Sun Direction

specifies direction of the sun.
The azimuth and the tilt of the sun can be set up by the green compass and the dial respectively.
The direction of the compass depends on the [Reference] combo box setting. When [Map] is selected the compass direction corresponds to the north direction. In this case the sun shines from east when the azimuth of the sun is set to east independent of the direction of the camera. When [Eye] is selected the compass direction corresponds to the camera direction. If you want to set the sun direction always from the side of the camera direction select this option.
If the tilt has a small value the landscape will be dark since the intensity of the sun light is reduced but you will get a landscape with clear contrast.

(a) Calendar

This button enables an easy setup of the sun at the certain date and time. If you click the button a calendar will come up for setup the date and time.

(3) Rending Sun

specifies whether the sun itself is displayed.

(a) Enable Sun

The sun is displayed with a real visible size.
Normally the sun seems larger as it is when it is seen by a camera because of lens flare for instance. The lens flare can be set up by [Effect].

- Color

The color of the sun can be specified separately with the color of the light.

(b) Enable Corona

When the sun and cloud are overlapped together there could be a corona with rainbow color around the sun. This effect can also be enabled.

- Corona Radius

specifies the diameter of the corona.

- Corona Strength

specifies the strength of the corona. The larger the value the stronger the corona.

- Corona Color

specifies the corona color with gradation pattern.
The gradation pattern should be specified from inside to outside.
The color of the marker location below is specified. If there is no marker where the mouse is clicked a new marker is added. To delete the marker drag it to the outside of the control.

(4) Library

restores preset library or registered corona color.

(5) Register

registers a corona setting to the library.

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