5.8 About Measurement

Kashmir has a capability to measure any area and distance on the map.

(1) Right Mouse Button

Click the right mouse button on the map then you will find [Measure] in the menu.

If you measure an area for example, put the muse pointer onto the start point and select [Measure] from the list which comes out by clicking the right mouse button. Then draw a polygon surrounding the area to be measured by clicking the left mouse button.
The last point does not have to be on the first point exactly.
When you reach the last point click the right mouse button and select [Fix] in the menu. Then the result will be shown.

If the [Close Region] is not checked the first and the last point will not be connected. You will get a distance as a measuring result.

Clicking the right mouse button on the map with pushing [Ctrl] key allows to adjust the point at the nearest peak. It is useful to adjust the measuring line on the peak.

(2) [View] - [Measure Altitude]

If you select [View] - [Measure Altitude] you can measure the altitude by specifying latitude and longitude.
The altitude is interpolated from the elevation data grid.

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