5.7 About Cross Section

The Kashmir has a capability to show you any cross section.
Cross section along zig-zag line such as hiking route can be also displayed.

(1) Click the right mouse button on the map where the route starts and select [Cross Section].

(2) Along the route click the left mouse button to put the points one after the other.

(3) If the route is completed click the right mouse button and select [Fix].

(4) The cross section is displayed.

Clicking the right mouse button on the map with pushing [Ctrl] key allows to adjust the point at the nearest peak. It is helpful to select a peak for the cross section.

Settings for the cross section window please select [Setup] of the cross section window.

The route created by the cross section can be converted to the GPS data (track data).
Select [File] - [Convert to GPS Track].

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