10. Panorama Function / Creating Panorama Picture


To create a panorama simulation picture from the top of a mountain use the KashBird. About detail functions of the KashBird are described in 11. Creating the CG, please refer to Here.

Here is a short description for creating a panorama picture.

(1) The [Panoramic Camera] is the best choice for creating a panorama picture.

(2) It is recommended to use [(Quick) Smooth Shading] or [(Quick) Flat Shading] as [Scene]. This provides an easy recognition of the mountain figure and short display time.

(3) If the [Setup] - [Place Name] - [Suppress invisible Place Name] is checked you will get a precise panorama but it takes much drawing time.

(4) It is recommended to uncheck this when the calculation is done on the field and is required fast display time.

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