9.3 List of Visible Mountains

It is possible to list up and display mountains or place names which are visible from a certain mountain.
Precondition is that the data base has to be read in advance.

Select [Calc] - [Quick Profile] and specify the viewpoint which to be tested. Select the mountain or place names from the lists or specify place with latitudes and longitudes.
Then click the [>List] button.

A dialog for the visible mountain will come up, click the [Calculate] button.
Then please wait a moment. If you want to break the calculation click the [Stop] button.

Each point in the data base which is read in is calculated. Each point is calculated whether it is visible from the viewpoint and listed up if it is visible. When the data base has a large size it will take much time to calculate.
After the calculation a list like below will come up.
Name Altitude Dist.
Mt. Gassan 
Mt. Itoudake 
Mt. Washigasuyama 
Mt. Eburisashidake

To copy the list to the clipboard click [Copy] button.

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