9.2 Select with Mouse

The two points for the quick profile can also be specified with mouse on the map.

Specify one point and click the right mouse button on there. Then select [Cross Section]. Move the mouse pointer to another point and click the left mouse button. At the last point you can fix the line. The result with a cross section chart will come up.

When the names of mountains are displayed click the mouse where the name of the mountain is popped up. Exact coordination and altitude values are used to check the visibility.

To select the nearest peak click the mouse pushing [Ctrl] key. It is useful for adjusting the profile at a peak.

The window for the cross section is independent. When you do not need the window any more click [Close] or [X] button.

The calculation quality of [Quick Profile] or [Cross Section] is the same as those of [Calc] - [Highest Quality].

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