9.1 Quick Profile

Select [Calc] - [Quick Profile] to use this function.
Enter the viewpoint either by the list box or by the latitude longitude input box on the left side. Then input another point on the right side in the same manner. (The viewpoint could also be the second point.)
Then click the [Search] button to test the visibility then the result will come up with a cross section chart. You see which mountain is the hindrance for the visibility on the cross section window. The hindrance is marked not only the cross section window but also on the map. To center the hindrance pint on the map window select [Jump] - [Hindrance Pint].

There is some cases for a long distance that the cross section can not be displayed. The cross section is compensated by the appearance altitude. To ignore the appearance altitude and the sphere of the earth click the [Setup].

Enter Parameters

(1) Name
optionally required

(2) Latitude and Longitude

(3) Altitude
required, valid up to 1/10 digit.

(4) List Box
The place name list is displayed when the place name data base is opened. Selecting the name form the list spare the time to enter the parameters such as latitude and longitude.

(5) Search
After entering the parameters click this button to test the visibility. When there is a hindrance for the visibility it will also be marked. In this test refraction caused by the distribution of air density is taken into account. To change this parameter select [Calc] - [Calculating Setup] and change the value of the magnification of the earth radius.

(6) Visible Mountains
You can get a list of the visible mountains from the viewpoint.
The calculation is done based on the opened place name data base. It could take much time depending on the size of the data base. The items of the list are name of mountains, altitudes, and distances. Copying the list to the clipboard is possible.

Perspective line is a part of the great circle of the earth. That means it is not an exact straight line on the map (except for the case that the line is parallel to the meridian line. If you look at the perspective line you will notice that the line is not a straight line but an arc.

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