11.10.3 Detail of Scenery / Cloud

About setup of cloud is described here.

Five different kind of clouds can be used at the same time. Each cloud can be allocated on the different altitudes, that makes a complex generation of the clouds. When the check box of each number of the cloud is checked the corresponding clouds are activated.

Clouds can not be displayed when the panoramic camera is used.

(1) Select

specifies component of the cloud.

(2) Edit

When you change the form of clouds or make a mapping, select this option to invoke component setup. Please refer to Here for detail.

Clouds are generated by two different mapping methods; texture mapping and alpha mapping.
Normally the cloud generation function is used. In that case these two mappings are activated automatically and are not necessary to be cared. If you generate clouds by your own graphics you can specify the original bit map files for the texture mapping and the alpha mapping.
The texture mapping defines the pattern of the clouds while the alpha mapping defines the  outline of the clouds. Part of the clouds with higher brightness becomes opaque and part of the clouds with lower brightness becomes transparent.

(2) Altitude

specifies the absolute altitude for the cloud.

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